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"Sharon at Bones Genealogy was incredibly helpful and attentive during my family history research. I was impressed with how quickly she was able to find very specific information that I had requested.  She was very easy to work with, and I highly recommend her genealogy services."
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"Sharon is very professional and exhausts all avenues, including obscure ones.  Proof was meticulously provided. She provided stories and photos where available as well.  She advanced my line through difficult generations and locations. I was and am very impressed with her abilities. "


“Kudos to Sharon at Bones Genealogy. I had an uncle who passed away as a child, sometime in the 1920s. I wondered where he had been buried.  With just the barest of information, Sharon was able to find his burial site. Times were hard then, and another family had shared a space in their family's plot. I was amazed at how quickly she found it, as well as a picture of the gravesite. I am so impressed with her, and highly recommend her genealogy services.”


“Needing a confirmation besides verbal family history, I reached out to Sharon for written documentation to link my father to an ancestor. She provided me with the necessary information and documents proving the connection making my father very happy. She was enthusiastic, helpful and provided the proof in a timely manner.”
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