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Hi, my name is Sharon, and as a self-proclaimed family research buff, I welcome you to my passion.  I have been interested in family stories since I was a child and the interest has only continued to grow throughout my life.  

As a Librarian and Museum Director, life has brought many opportunities for me to delve into the fascinating genealogy of not only my family, but many of my patrons, friends and clients along the way.  For years, I have spent countless hours transferring data and information from the Family Search Organization to the Ancestry website database.  Over that time, I've indexed over 140,000 documents from all over the world and am currently working on the Zimbabwe Church records.  To say I know my way around the historical record sites is an understatement.  And, I have access to many sites that the public doesn't, so that opens up additional research veins to explore.

Education and Memberships:

  • Advanced Family History Degree from Brigham Young University, Idaho

  • Alabama Genealogical Society

  • The Elmore County Historical Society

  • The Association of Professional Genealogists

I've been providing genealogical research services for 34+ years now and would welcome the opportunity to start digging into your history to see what we can come up with. Let's take this journey together to see who's in your closet.

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